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Advancements in mobile to open possibilities for CRM operators

Mobile devices continue to advance year after year in both capability and functionality. This growth is unlocking possibilities for operators of CRM systems.

Throughout the next few years, businesses involved in customer relationship management will need to decide on the best mobile strategies and subsequently execute them.

When working with customers, powerful mobile devices have both several functions and work two ways. Firstly, the ability to interface directly with a customer through a mobile phone and send vouchers, company updates and other assorted information. Secondly, a business can build customer profiles specific to each person, enabling tailored information to be sent.

Advanced mobile technologies are enabling this shift in business operation, as well as changing the way businesses and people communicate. These changes are only going to progress further as the underlying mobile technologies push forward.

“The continued growth of the mobile ecosystem depends on solving tough computing challenges – unlocking data’s potential while securely and reliably connecting billions of devices with leading edge computing and communications technologies,” said Intel Corporation President Renee James.

The sheer amount of data able to be gathered by interacting with customers is exponential, and something that businesses will need to place a focus on. This data gathering can be a daunting process for many, but using data mining software and database management software can alleviate some pressures.

These systems enable fast access to data insights and customers trends, as well as simply data storage and ongoing management. As more companies move into the analysis space, data management will become increasingly important.

Businesses will need to quickly move into the mobile and data analysis space over the next few years, adopting policies that support growth in these areas.

2015/04/05  8:14 AM