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Don’t let duplicate data ruin your CRM

When businesses implement new customer relationship management software, one of the biggest risks they run is using duplicate data that could corrupt the overall quality of the system.

ComputerWorld recently outlined the most common problems that arise due to data duplication in CRM applications, and how companies can avoid such issues during their own integration.

According to the news source, one of the most common instances is when workers don’t search for previous records and data when adding any new information to the system. Because humans, by nature, are prone to error, even a CRM program’s warning system sometimes isn’t enough to keep employees from entering duplicate data.

Several technologies have been developed to help minimise the chance of data duplication, but this doesn’t mean they are failsafe. Integration methods between CRM systems and sources, such as website registration forms, partner portals or other applications may not check for duplicates, either, before filing them away.

According to SmartCompany, duplicate data is one of the biggest hidden costs among many small to medium enterprises. However, the right comprehensive CRM system can significantly lower the chances of wasted spending.

Craig Reardon, operator of web services firm The E Team, wrote in the Fast Company blog that even the best systems won’t cost nearly as much as bad and duplicate data would in the long run.

“[CRM] needn’t cost the earth, particularly when the massive productivity gains are considered,” he wrote.

“There are a range of customer relationship management systems that are within easy reach of smaller business. Some even integrate with your website and its ‘backend’ for fully integrated records between customer and organisation.”

Choosing the right CRM software can lead to much better customer service and retention, improving your bottom line overall..