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Five tips to get the most out of your CRM software

Successful adoption and utilisation of CRM software is key to the success of your business – especially when it comes to customers. It’s also extremely important to make sure that your staff are also getting the most out of your CRM solution. With that in mind, here are five tips for effective CRM software use.


If you have a mobile workforce (especially sales reps), then making sure the CRM software works correctly on their technology is crucial. This means it’s important for the software to work on tablets as well as desktops. Flexible CRM systems are key here – if your company has a Bring Your Own Device policy then the software will have to work on a variety of devices.


The type of information kept on CRM systems is invaluable. It might not be exclusively sales staff that require access to your CRM software – customer service and marketing can make use of it too. Having the data in one place also saves confusion between departments.


It’s important to make sure that customer details are up to date in your software. This means constantly putting in leads, new contact information and details about the customer that are useful to both sales and customer service staff. While occasionally updated details may be left out, periodic checks and updates can cut down on how often this happens.


Ensure that your CRM system is integrated with the other technologies in your business – this can save doubling up on work. An issue may arise if staff are using an email program to keep customer contact details, when the CRM system can do the job better.


Adequate training for staff is also important to ensure you get the most out of your CRM software. If staff only know how to use a small feature set then you won’t be maximising your ROI on the technology.