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Cloud growth means good news for CRM users

Cloud growth is accelerating as businesses rush to transition traditional platforms to cloud-based counterparts, according to a recent report released by research firm Ovum.

This news bodes well for operators of customer relationship management software, as cloud integration only further enhances the capabilities of this technology.

With the CRM data available on a cloud platform, employees will be able to access data remotely from mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones, presenting information where and when required.

Similar to the above, cloud developments benefit organisations who use CRM for small business, as the centralised database means access isn’t an issue.

Providers, however, will have to ensure offerings are different from those of the competition, according to the report.

“When it comes to differentiation, outsourcers and providers want to demonstrate innovative thinking and prove that they have the intellectual property (IP) that can deliver cost and business benefits by leveraging cloud,” said John Madden, IT Services Practice Leader at Ovum.

Cloud investments will deliver fast access to virtual platforms, and allow businesses to adopt virtual CRM platforms, accessible from anywhere.

“The rate of cloud adoption is quickly accelerating; cloud breaks through in virtually every customer conversation. This accelerated activity applies not only to private or virtual private cloud models which remain the dominant method of deployment, but increasingly public and hybrid cloud management models as well,” Mr Madden said.

Through the next year, increasing cloud developments are also likely to bring cost savings to businesses, as the maintenance of these virtual platforms can be handled by offsite teams, allowing onsite personnel to focus attention on different areas.

By removing constant troubleshooting, personnel will have time to investigate new initiatives and technologies.

2014/10/28  4:36 PM