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Could wearable computing change CRM?

Computing hardware continues to shrink as manufacturing methods advance and consumer demand for smaller devices increases. This is called Moore’s Law, and involves the doubling of transistors on integrated circuits every two years, thus allowing computers to become smaller.

Technology is now finally at the stage where wearable computing is a viable option, and this could change the face of CRM.

Traditionally, customer relationship management has been relatively simple, as consumers have had no fast means of interaction with a business. Smart phones have started to change that by forcing organisations to offer mobile interaction, but consumers adopting wearable technology will change this even further.

Well over 17 million wearable smart bands are predicted to ship this year, primarily with sensors and other technologies made specific for wearables, according to research firm Canalys. The report states Samsung is leading the charge in sales here.

“Samsung launched the Galaxy Gear with a major marketing push that gained significant consumer interest. Shipments of the device took Samsung to the top of the smart band category,” said Chris Jones, VP and Principle Analyst at Canalys.

Businesses are going to need to focus on customer interaction with these devices in areas such as product promotion and social media in order to stay relevant. Due to the simple nature of sharing with wearable technology, businesses that ignore it could see an edge given to competitors.

For companies directly, interaction with customers will be even easier than with tablets and mobile phones. By having access to calendars, notes and email without any delay, both communication and customer interaction will be faster processes.

While wearable technology is likely to take several years to become fully established, those who adopt the first wave could see a marked improvement in their customer relationship management. In the next few years, integration of traditional CRM software with wearable technology could change the face of business.

2014/12/18  5:36 PM