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How the consumerisation of IT impacts customer relationship management

The consumerisation of IT has been developing for sometime, thanks to advantages over traditional IT operations. This trend will likely continue throughout 2015, with an increasing number of businesses moving ahead with consumerisation developments.

For businesses using customer relationship management platforms, care will need to be taken when it comes to integration to ensure the best possible results.

IT consumerisation involves allowing staff to use their own devices and applications within the workplace, saving time and expenditure. As staff are familiar with the technologies no training is required, and businesses no longer need to purchase new devices.

Businesses will need to place a focus on integrating CRM software, however. When a business manages hardware internally, CRM systems can be tailored to the device. With a number of different staff devices, measures will need to be taken to ensure correct integration.

With all relevant customer information stored on a mobile device such as a tablet, staff are able to better interact with customers.

Unisys, a global research and innovation firm, explained the growth of the consumerisation of IT trend, and the effects on customer engagement.

“For the past few years, employees have been at the heart of the mobility revolution, blending personal and business technology to make themselves more productive,” Unisys explained.

“Increasingly we see enterprises embracing mobility as a core part of their business and IT strategies to drive revenue, enhance customer engagement, and be more competitive. However, some are more successful than others in taking advantage of the opportunities mobility creates.”

Businesses will need to integrate CRM systems with consumerisation trends over this year, in order to maximise customer engagement and revenue. Failing to integrate could result in less than desirable returns.

2015/02/04  11:39 AM