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IBM Watson Group to transform CRM

Customer relationship management operators could soon benefit from integration with a new technology being developed by IBM Watson Group and Fluid Inc.

The new technology enables customers accessing a business website to take advantage of a digital assistant able to provide far greater assistance than current online helpers. Essentially, the Fluid assistant will be one of the first intelligent digital attendants.

A recent IBM study outlined the fact that 50 per cent of consumers spend 75 per cent of their shopping time researching products before purchase. An assistant at this stage could go some ways toward nudging consumers towards purchasing a specific product, similar to real salesperson.

“By tapping into IBM Watson’s cognitive intelligence, Fluid is infusing the personalised, interactive feel of an in-store conversation into every digital shopping interaction,” said Mike Rhodin, Senior Vice President, IBM Watson Group.

The technology enables customers to access specific questions about products available through a business, and receive specific answers that are a highly relevant and in response to the query. Currently, search fields in websites rarely fetch useful information.

“This is the same experience we have in real-world stores with great sales reps every day and is what’s missing from digital retail,” said Kent Deverell, CEO, Fluid.

CRM systems operators will need to begin taking advantage of new technologies such as the Fluid assistant, largely in terms of integration. By doing so, the access to insights and information will be unparalleled and provide a deep knowledge of customer shopping trends, and what they expect during the shopping process.

CRM software operators will soon need to take advantage of digital assistants, as it could be the difference between a browser and a customer.

2015/01/10  11:43 PM