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Integrating CRM systems with 3rd Platform technologies

The 3rd IT Platform is a term that’s been gaining traction throughout the past year, thanks to advantages gained through adoption.

An umbrella term encompassing cloud services, mobile devices and Big Data, it’s soon going to be important for operators of customer relationship management platforms to begin assessing integration.

The International Data Corporation outlined how a number of businesses are moving towards the trend, due to the reliability and efficiency benefits.

“The 3rd Platform is a business platform, defined by creative and innovative uses that businesses are finding for mobility, social systems, cloud services, big data and analytics,” said Joseph Pucciarelli, IDC Vice President and IT Executive Advisor.

“Companies that cannot develop at their proper level of technology maturity will face powerful competitive headwinds.”

CRM operators can use many of these services to ensure advantages, and as such the 3rd Platform will need to become a consideration in the near future.

The question is, which platforms and services do CRM operators integrate with?

Cloud services

Representing the best choice for many CRM systems users, cloud services mean important customer information can be backed up remotely, and files and documents are available from a number of devices and locations.

In larger businesses, this cloud-based sharing and storage functionality can do wonders for increasing collaboration.

Mobile devices

Representing one of the best areas for CRM operators to move into, mobile devices mean systems can be accessed remotely and easily. For example, staff needing to quickly recall customer information need only look on a small, portable device.

Big Data

A trend that has been enable to significantly augment the operations of businesses, providing levels of insight never before seen. In turn, this can enhance CRM thanks to the ability to improve relationships through greater customer understanding.

As CRM platforms continue to advance, considerations will need to be given to integration with other technologies.

2015/01/23  3:19 PM