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New cloud technology to enhance CRM relationships

New technologies have been instrumental in the development of more capable and efficient CRM systems, especially over recent years.

Cloud computing has perhaps been one of the large areas of focus, allowing CRM providers to operate systems with little risk of downtime or periods without access. A new cloud technology developed by IBM could further improve CRM – and may be here quite soon.

“The new invention will help alleviate problems that cloud providers face when they need to provide simultaneous, efficient and uninterrupted service to a range of clients for applications,” a spokesperson from IBM said.

The new patented technique allows data – such as that on a CRM platform – to be dynamically modified and shared throughout a cloud environment. This new method is able to subsequently reduce bottlenecks, and substantially improve quality of service.

“Since companies are relying upon the cloud to manage and process critical business data and interactions, guaranteeing and delivering quality, reliable service is an imperative for cloud vendors,” said IBM Cloud Offering Evangelist Rick Hamilton.

“This patented invention will enable cloud service providers to dynamically respond to potential data choke points by changing quality of service priorities to ensure the free flow of data for their clients.”

While not currently available, the new technology should see widespread use over the next few years – and could a key development focus for providers of CRM systems. For users and customers, the effects won’t be as immediate, but the pairing of strong CRM software and cloud platforms will ensure services are never offline and always flexible.

Businesses with outdated CRM technologies need to give due consideration to new platforms, especially thanks to the efficiency and customer relationship improvements offered.

2015/02/15  4:29 PM