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New mobile trends have the potential to impact CRM operators

Bring-your-own-app (BYOA), the latest mobile trend, has the potential to change the way CRM software operators interact with customers. Security precautions will need to be taken in order to ensure safety.

Two mobile trends, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) and BYOA have garnered significant attention throughout the past few years, largely as mobile devices have continued to advance. The policies deal with the use of personal mobile devices and apps in the workplace.

These trends could significantly impact customer relationship management, due to the way CRM systems are accessed. By using these platforms on mobile devices, businesses will be able to interact with customers through mobile devices and applications at a substantially lower cost than many businesses are used to.

By enabling use of personal devices, a businesses isn’t required to provide them for employees. Company software and apps can simply be installed on the devices. Without proper precautions, this could open the door for potential security risks.

Interest in the BYOD trend is currently quite high, however businesses have overlooked the potential security risks, explained Telsyte Senior Analyst Rodney Gedda.

“Couple this with thousands of mobile apps, for both personal and business handsets, and the plethora of cloud services available via mobile devices and the Web, and people are creating a new form of shadow-IT with BYOA,” he said.

It could be easy for businesses to lose track of mobile device use in the workplace, so security should be established early.

Proper security precautions involve installing security systems within a company network, and on the devices themselves. By doing so, mobile platforms and applications can be used without security risks.

Neglecting to install security measures could result in substantial consequences for businesses, including data loss and reputation damage among customers.

2015/07/05  8:12 AM