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CRM software trends for 2015

For enterprises with an investment in CRM systems, 2015 is likely to be a year of change. Customers demanding different interactions with businesses, and new methods of Business to Consumer (B2C) interaction should change the industry significantly.

Here are the trends to be aware of as 2015 continues onwards.

Social Media

Social media has seen an explosion in the past decade, largely as newer and more powerful social networks became available for customers. The rapid growth of platforms such as Facebook – which now boasts over one billion users – has meant businesses need to integrate social marketing into CRM offerings.

This year, businesses will need to place a stronger focus on social media platforms as the data insights could give a significant edge over competitors.

Businesses who ignore social are likely to be left behind.

Customer Experience

Similar to the demands for social media, customers also request other offerings from companies. Commonly, items such as coupons and discounts delivered via mobile devices are the best way to improve interaction.

As with social media, customers want more interaction with the companies they deal with. These changes aren’t difficult to institute, and can often lead to far greater customer loyalty.

Big Data growth

This trend has seen significant development in recent years as companies turn towards greater market foresight and understanding. As analysis becomes cheaper – and subsequently open to a wider number of businesses – big data should play a significant role in developing future CRM strategies.

Mobile applications

A market flood of mobile devices means businesses can now use the technologies to interact with customers by recalling information and company data immediately, without breaking customer engagement.

CRM software

Taking advantage of CRM software and integrating it into the wider business strategy will ensure the tools necessary to maintain customer databases are always available.

The next several years hold massive potential for not just CRM systems, but the greater business market. A constant drive into social media platforms and improving the customer experience will bring massive changes.

2014/10/28  4:36 PM