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Manage all your customer interactions with simple client relationship management software designed and built in Australia.
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CRM Connect




crmConnect is a web-based customer relationship management platform. The flexible suite of applications includes tools to manage sales automation, field service, customer support, social CRM, call center, and channel management.

With crmConnect, companies can maintain a customer database, track opportunities in the pipeline, monitor to-do items, store documents, and send appointments to Google Calendar, as well as Microsoft Exchange Server, Outlook, and Office 365. The system also interfaces with MailChimp for email campaigns. Users have the ability to view customer data by segment through this cloud-based system. A full API tool set is available for market automation and survey capture.

crmConnect is recommended to small companies in several industries, including pharmaceuticals, software, retail, consulting, and manufacturing; it is designed to be accessed easily for reps on the road. crmConnect is accessible from Internet-connected devices such as iPads, Windows tablets, smartphones, Macs, and PCs.




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