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Tablets could grow in influence in CRM space

Tablets have been undergoing high adoption rates over the past year as consumers and businesses integrate the new devices. This growth is predicted to level off, but it could be good news for CRM operators.

These devices are useful both from a customer and CRM software operator perspective. To a customer, the device is a way to access business information and interact with a company while away from the home. A business can use a tablet to directly access cloud CRM software while speaking with a customer, recalling useful and relevant information.

“In mature markets, where many buyers have purchased higher-end products from market leaders, consumers are deciding that their current tablets are good enough for the way they use them,” said Tom Mainelli, a program vice president at the IDC.

Now that tablets are finally levelling off, CRM operators can integrate systems with current tablet devices and research new avenues for mobile interaction. In addition, being able to access database management software remotely will allow businesses to actively interact with customers while away from a business location.

What software the tablets run will likely influence business adoption, as new Windows tablets with a more flexibility will divert attention from established Android and iOS offerings.

“The choice of operating system will be a key differentiating factor when it comes to success in the commercial segment,” said Jitesh Ubrani, Research Analyst at the IDC.

“Though Android and iOS will remain dominant, we expect Windows-based devices to capture more than a quarter of the market as its benefits become apparent thanks to growing adoption of 2-in1s.”

Thanks to the plateau of tablets, now is the perfect time to enhance CRM platform integration for the devices. Doing so now will mean businesses are well equipped to move into new device categories over the next few years.

2015/02/04  11:41 AM