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    Billing Automation

    Set-up custom billing schedules, accept one-time payments, manage taxes and more with our secure and PCI compliant billing automation functions.

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    Multiple Currencies

    Go global with the ability to take payments from your customers across the world in 14 different currencies.

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    Flexible Payments

    Give your subscribers the freedom to pay how they want with Visa, Mastercard, Amex, PayPal, Direct Debit, and more.

Transparent and Approachable

Our team prides itself on swiftly handling any problems, providing easy-to-understand technical support and upfront and honest communication about your account. We’re always available to discuss what matters to you most and work with you in the same way as an internal team (without the extra cost!).

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Superior Functionality

We’ve built a bunch of features that allow you to adapt our service to suit you. Communicate with customers across the world with multi-currency/country functions, leverage multiple products, including both digital versions and paywall access, and grow with multichannel marketing.

We also offer a comprehensive reporting suite and analytical tools that help you stay agile and respond to your audience.

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Prioritising Security

Our core system is located within a cloud computing environment using Amazon Web Services. Server backups of the virtual machine are taken and stored in highly redundant physically separate data centres.

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Seamlessly Managed Digital
and Paywall Subscriptions

No matter how your customers decide to access your content, we can manage it for you. Our high-tech systems allow both print and digital subscriptions on the one account, so your customer service team can view everything on a single record. One subscription might be tracked by issue, one by days, and another requires a secure login to your website to access content, but we can facilitate each subscription simultaneously. We’re able to verify the subscriber’s credentials each time and give them access to your content.

Let’s solve your
subscription problems

Want flexible, affordable and secure subscription services with a personal touch? Chat with our team to learn more about how we can help you communicate with
your customers. Email info@crmaus.com.au or call (02) 8227 6400.

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